Endüstriyel Elektronik Kart Tamiri

Endüstriyel PC Onarımı

Endüstriyel LCD Panel Onarımı

Siemens PCM-9671 REV. A1


Endüstriyel Elektronik Kart Onarımı

Marka bağımsız tüm endüstriyel bilgisayarların ve cihazların anakart (mainboard) onarımlarını gerçekleştirmekteyiz.

  • Max. Resolution: 800 x 600
  • Max. Colors: 256 K
  • Pixel Pitch (mm): 0.31 x 0.31
  • Brightness (cd/m2): 200
  • Viewing Angle: 90(min)
  • Brightness Control: Yes
  • Simultaneous Mode: Yes
  • LCD Lifetime: 50,000 hrs
  • Backlight MTBF: 20,000 hrs
  • Chipset: VIA 8606 (Twister)
  • VRAM: 8-32 MB(UMA)
  • Type: 168 pin DIMM x 2
  • Input Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Technology: Analog resistive
  • Control Port: RS-232 (COM 4)
  • 2nd Cache Memory: On-die 64 KB
  • Bus Expansion: 1 PCI/ISA slot (optional), 1 Mini PCI socket
  • CD-ROM Drive: One built-in drive, 24X or above
  • CPU Board: VIA Eden 667 MHz on board
  • Display: Size/Type: 12.1" TFT LCD
  • DVD-ROM Drive Option: Yes
  • HDD Type: One 2.5" drive
  • I/O Port: 4 COM ports,1 parallel port, 2 USB, PS/2 mouse & K/B,VGA port, Mic-in/Line-in/Line-out
  • LAN: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Memory: 32MB - 1 GB SDRAM
  • Power: Output Rating: 60W
  • SSD Type: Support 1 internal CompachFlash type II socket
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